Dr. Hedgewar Rugnalay since June 2011. A full-fledged hospital with an OPD running round the clock (45000 appr. beneficiated so far), indoor facility with 32 beds, central oxygen, and other amenities (above 2000 patients benefited) Polyclinic with 26 consultants from various faculties give their services for a social cause. A well-equipped operation theatre where we have done 125 major and 45 minor surgeries so far.

At our hospital we provide service at a very very low cost, rates are subsidized up to almost 60% of rates charged today by professional hospitals in the vicinity. This helps the common man, worker, farmers, and downtrodden to overcome their health problems. This is the class that makes no financial provision for their health emergencies and always suffers at the hands of money lenders. In this era of inflation our services are boon to patients, (for example, we charge around Rs. 5000/- for an appendicitis surgery or Rs. 7500/- for a hysterectomy including medicine this is almost 40% of what is charged nowadays outside.)

AIM –   To provide a good health care service and excellent medical facilities for holistic well-being in our health care organization irrespective of their financial or religious backgrounds. We ensure that every person who needs medical help should get it at nominal fees.

vision and mission – a caring mission with global vision for a noble cause